You get a two-for today….

I don’t want to over-blog here, but my 6 year old loved dinner.   She is miss picky so I was psyched! I found this recipe on Pinterest.  And have been making many meals from this site The place with all the yums!  – click this link to find the recipe as well as many other ones.

Tonight I made Tuna Cakes. I grew up on salmon patties so I was excited to try these.  The ingredients were simple!  (Click on the link above, then meal plan 1) here is a pic I added the MW on my own…I known have no self control but just a tad for seasoning.  And I always cook with dog leashes and new earrings nearby for luck!

Mine looked a little soupy so I added some….

Cornmeal to make them easier to shape.  I cooked 6 patties in coconut oil.  They. Were. Yum.

I thought for sure my very picky little love would hate them, but I was so wrong!  She ate the whole thing!  Here is a pic of approval.

I wrapped mine in a romaine lettuce leaf but the kids were able to just pick them up and eat them.  They were awesome!  I also paired mine with sweet potato fries because I was feeling kind of lazy.  I think dinner tapped out at about 140-160 calories, but I was full! Thanks for this awesome 90 day meal plan and for this recipe!

Here is the recipe for the tuna cakes specifically:

(I just looked at her face, it looks confusing…I assure you she loved them! Lol)

Yours in Health,

Emily and Crew 


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