Turkey Sloppy Whoa these are good!

The hubs, the kids love sloppy joes.  I usually stay away from them because of the sauce.  I have never found a homemade created alternative until now!  The recipe was simple and my favorite part was that I could use the slow cooker.  Monday’s are my busiest work day so any chance to do something easy and delicious is immediately accepted.  

Please keep in mind this sauce is not a total made from scratch sauce BUT the ingredients are ones that you can actually monitor.  It calls for bbq sauce so I read labels and picked out the one I thought had the least additives ( for example)

The process:

I browned up half and onion, 1 lb of lean ground turkey and 1 green pepper.  I cooked the, up in a tablespoon of coconut oil.

In my crockpot I combined ingredients to make my sauce.  Garlic cloves, bbq sauce, tomato sauce, yellow mustard and ketcup.  I noticed mine was a little tomatoey so I put in about an extra tablespoon of bbq.  It looks like a paint pallet!

The results were amazing.  

My husband asked if the sauce came from a can.  My 6 year old are the whole thing and loved it.  I’d give this recipe an A+!

That deliciousness on the side is kale, Apple and onion sautéed in coconut oil with a little Apple cider vinegar.  So goooooood!

Here is an action shot of that:

And the finished product:

Ok ok….cut the pics, you came here for the recipe didn’t you????

This site has nice little list of clean make ahead meals:  Make Me Ahead Clean Eats

Here is a link to the recipe:

Clean Turkey Sloppy Joes

Again,  I used Patti Labelle’s amazing bbq sauce and used 2 tbls. instead of 1.  I didn’t use the stevia packets because the bbq sauce has agave.  

Up Next:  How I deal with this sweet tooth of mine

Yours in Health,

Emily and Crew


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