Black Bean Brownies – read that right…

Let me just start by saying today was mind blowing for me.  The thought of actually creating brownies from black beans was completely unbelievable to me.  In fact,  I hadn’t even heard of it until a Facebook friend mentioned it a couple weeks ago.  Then my amazing talented cousin posted she was making them last night.  That was it, my curiosity was peaked and I couldn’t forget about them.  There are several recipes out there!  I made 2 today-  both went well.

You CAN make brownies using black beans!  Make sure to rinse them very well and pay the, dry.  It’s cool if you mash them a little while drying them-you’re about to blend them anyway.  The recipe I used suggested raw sugar.  I made them and they were awesome- sweet and delicious.  I also made a batch using Truvia baking blend.  They were equally delicious.  It sounds absolutely disgusting but it is soooooo good!

The photos below are from my first batch- which were the raw sugar ones.

Here is an ingredient photo.  The recipe I will link to suggests using flax eggs, I used eggs in this one.  The flax eggs make this a vegan friendly option. Notice no flour!

This is a shot of everything in the blender.  Using a blender is best for this to mash up the beans.

This is what it looks like blended!  Looks like brownie mix…tastes like brownie mix….

Seriously…I did not sub brownie mix to play these up..these are legit made with black beans.

Post baking pic:

I was totally shocked at the result.  If you had asked me a couple months ago about this, I would have laughed you out of my house…for real.  My kids ate these and loved them. They had no idea they were made of black beans.  I will keep making them and just won’t tell people what is in them….he he he Surprise that brownie was only 78 calories (when using Truvia blend and flax eggs) I plugged everything into my fitness pal to see. 

Flax eggs were another anomaly that threw me for a loop…just sayin.

Biggest tip:  make sure to rinse and drain the beans really good.  Mine tasted nothing like beans at all…had I not been so diligent it could have been different.

Here is the recipe I used.  Legit Black Bean Brownies 

There are plenty out there you can try.  Again I subbed heaping 1/4 cup of Truvia baking blend for the sugar and they turned out great! 

I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

Yours in Health,

Emily and Crew 


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