Need a Yummy yet Healthier Lunch Option?

Please excuse the half eaten sandwich picture… I was so hungry I couldn’t wait!!!So this morning after preschool, my little guy asked if we could go to Burger King.  Now I am officially 7 days into my resolution (5 lbs gone without starving!) and going strong BUT the temptation was strong.  I came home depressed and hungry.  I didn’t want to put the effort into making lunch, but I knew I had to do it.   I wanted something fast and amazing but healthy… In comes the above pic.

I love these sandwich thins. They are a lower calorie option for bread.

This turkey bacon is also great!  It’s thicker and 1 slice is only 25 calories!


Lunch- Chicken Club with Sweet Potato Fries 

1 sandwich thin

1 slice of lower sodium turkey bacon

1 grilled chicken breast 

1/2 serving of miracle whip

1/2 serving of ketchup 

A piece of romaine

A couple pieces of yellow onion

1/8 cup of Italian blend shredded cheese

One the side:  baked Alexa sweet potato fries with Sea Salt


To drink:  Apple cinnamon infused water ( found this easy recipe on the Internet and it is yum) 

I try to eat as clean as possible but I love Heinz and Sweet Potato Fries.  Also mixing miracle whip and ketcup making a delicious sauce for chicken.  Just don’t over do it!


Here is a screen shoot my lunch today on my fitness pal!  I am happy to say I am full without all of the negative nutrition! ( I love you BK!)  And yes that does say carrot cake cookie….yummy.. I’ll talk about those little gems later.



The total lunch calories for today are 430.  I looked up BK’s nutrition.. a regular Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich has 410 calories (with mayo) and only 320 without.  Add bacon to that…then add a side of fries (value is 240 calories, while the satisfries come in at 190).  As you can see, add it up and even with no mayo and the satisfries, you have a baconless sad lunch with a ton of calories.  Again, I love BK but it’s like that friend that you love who always gets you in to trouble.  Sometimes you have to remember the good times and let it go.

Here is a link to BK nutrition info incase you are interested in that sort of thing.

Yours in Health!

Emily and Crew